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Mission: Royalty is a brand we produce lasting positive impression in our customers by the use of modern technology to achieve the expected and resorts in event management focusing on value for money:


Vision: to become the most sought-after international firm for the provision of quality royal excellent and timely events in Kenya and Africa


Core values

  • Inspiring honesty
  • Producing honesty in Brands
  • Integrity in service
  • Dedication to customer needs
  • Value for money


 Our goals

  • To deliver results
  • To achieve and exceed customers’ expectations
  • To produce royalty in every customer



  • To promote the use of modern technology to achieve desired end
  • To build relationships and friendships in service delivery
  • To promote team spirit
  • To demonstrate practical leadership and mentorship in management
  • To realise timelines in service delivery


Memento events is a youth-based and youth friendly company that brings out the best in every customer that comes our way. We inscribe with iron ore and print our presence leaving a permanent footprint in the past of our customers. We cherish partnership mentorship and outstanding leadership in management. We are the giants in this Kingdom and will leave you wanting more. Our youthful staff always ensure that we deliver on timelines. The cutting-edge technology employed by the company  keeps as high above other existing firms in the region


Royalty is our brand and our brand is royalty. every individual identity has a silver lining of royalty. This is what we’ll bring out to the world so that you stand out from the rest, putting you above the rest and exceeding the needs of our partners. We create lasting relationships and friendship to successful future engagements.


we are equal to the task, stay relaxed, consider it done! and practical leadership in project management is a platform that you continually build on to ensure results are delivered. We are about results and offering value-for-money when we feel challenged to deliver.


We will work with you to seek appropriate solution they are open and honest with our partners given a chance we deliver we are on the go waiting for your communication .




Strategic consulting: with the team of creative  thinkers from online television, publishing, marketing and events background Memento events is able to assist clients in devising the right tools to deliver our listing event experience that is both original and loyal to their target audience.


Event Design: from 3D stage design to lighting special effects, audio and visual to table setting invitation and communications we are able to deliver a full turnkey solution and offer a full range of royal events in look and feel


Content Management: Thorough close relationship with internationally recognize business media brands Memento Events is able to advise clients and facilitate true leaders for a panel discussion keynote speakers for an opening address and  suitable MC’s to ensure the flow open event which will best suit in a discussion or business function


Production and logistics: from an intimate 10 seater  engagement session to a 1000 seater color dinner Award Ceremony we are able to manage all events and logistics needed on time and invited working with only the best Ventures and third-party suppliers in the business


ROYAL PRESTIGE GLOBAL INVESTMENT is a Kenyan Company  that provides a wide range of business including Events management,Home nursing services,General supplies,Medical equipment sales and hire,Accommodation services,External Catering Services,Tents and chairs for hire,Royal supermarket,Outdoor Recreation services and Car hire

This ensures that our clients achieve sustainable competitive advantage, build more capable organizations, and secure lasting results.

Events management - Memento Events