Tents and chairs for hire


Tents and chairs for hire

Tents and chairs for hire

 We offer the best collection of banquet chairs for your function and our pricings are extremely reasonable. You can choose among the wide range of chairs’ designs, patterns and colors that we have to offer and that’s it.
Rest everything is our responsibility. We can supply the chairs anywhere and everywhere in Kenya.

We have a range of beautiful banquet chairs of premium quality, which will increase the beauty of your party many fold.


If you are organizing a party or an event and want to go a little sleek and out of the box and want chiavari chairs for that, we are here to help.

We supply the perfect chiavari chairs for your party at an extremely affordable price.

We also have a range of options for you to choose among the white, black, gold or clear chiavari chairs according to your need and we are happy to deliver it anywhere in Kenya.


We deliver all kinds of furniture for your event or party, be it chairs or tent. We do deliver premium quality plastic chairs according to your order.

We have the capability to supply everywhere in Kenya, though we take the delivery charges for supplying outside our local area. We take a minimum order of 50 chairs and maximum 1,000.

For more or less supply you have to let us know beforehand and we will be able to comply with your need.


ROYAL PRESTIGE GLOBAL INVESTMENT is a Kenyan Company  that provides a wide range of business including Events management,Home nursing services,General supplies,Medical equipment sales and hire,Accommodation services,External Catering Services,Tents and chairs for hire,Royal supermarket,Outdoor Recreation services and Car hire

This ensures that our clients achieve sustainable competitive advantage, build more capable organizations, and secure lasting results.

Tents and chairs for hire